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Sharing Reputable Herb Companies

Below is an article about four trusted places to get bulk herbs which is timely since I was just talking about Mountain Rose Herbs and of course they are one of the four. I also used to work in the health food … Continue reading

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Candida Patrol

Yesterday I woke up in the thick of a dream in which I was eating macaroni and cheese. It was warm and lovely in my mouth and the shock of waking up to a cold alarm and a dark 6:AM … Continue reading

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Ginger Nanoparticles Show Promise for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Originally posted on Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs:
Ginger is spicing up the search for a cure for inflammatory bowel disease, according to research published in Biomaterials. Delivered in the form of nanoparticles, researchers believe ginger could offer a targeted…

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Aging Well Tips

This is a cute, concise infographic from Delicious Living about what things increase life expectancy and also what decreases life expectancy. You might recognize the style from a certain board game of your youth which is pretty darn clever. I think … Continue reading

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  This weekend I was kind of half-listening to NPR while I was prepping gluten-free bread for the week when what someone said about soil caught my attention. He brought up the fact that our ancestors actually ate a lot more … Continue reading

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Essential Oil Chakra Set

Certain things just go together~ peanut butter and chocolate, tomatoes and basil, autumn and soup. The symbiotic relationship between special pairings is what makes unforgettable meals, swoon-worthy couples, and successful partnerships. We are social beings in a world layered in interconnectedness so it makes sense … Continue reading

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There is a study being carried out at the University of Washington (where I got my MA~ go Dawgs!) which is looking at probiotics in a slightly different way than the usual probiotic news. They are studying how birth by C-section … Continue reading

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