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Natural Supplements for Bruising

Think there’s nothing you can do for a bump or bruise? Think again! (This guy looks like he could use a few supplements.)   Advertisements

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Years ago when I worked at a natural foods store, there was confusion over that word, ‘Homeopathy’. Some used it in reference to¬†all alternative or traditional forms of healing, when it is in fact, a very specific form of medicine. … Continue reading

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Herbal Enhancement and Enchantment

Every single day I use herbs in a multitude of ways and they are not necessarily ‘curing’ anything (although they might be!) nor are they making me super-human. What they do is enhance daily life in meaningful, beautiful ways and … Continue reading

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Cold and Flu Season

School is in session, the weather is changing from warm and sunny to chilly and cloudy, and the local drug stores are advertising flu shots. It’s that time of year, and it sure hit fast and hard this time around, … Continue reading

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All-Natural First Aid kit inspired by more aspirin news

This is so interesting~ apparently aspirin not only works on heads and hearts, but also fights cancer. I was listening to this article on BBC: which emphasizes that salicylic acid is found naturally in plants, especially herbs and spices. (And willow bark … Continue reading

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