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All-Natural First Aid kit inspired by more aspirin news

This is so interesting~ apparently aspirin not only works on heads and hearts, but also fights cancer. I was listening to this article on BBC: which emphasizes that salicylic acid is found naturally in plants, especially herbs and spices. (And willow bark which can always be found in bottles at health food stores.)  This got me thinking of putting together a little all natural first aid kit at home, instead of the random things I generally have all over the house. So, here’s what I’m starting with:
arnica for bumps and bruises
Oscillococcinum for flu and cold symptoms
ginger tea for tummy issues
tea tree oil for various skin issues
triphala for constipation, although I know a lot of people swear by smooth move instead.
kava extract for adult anxiety and
calm child for crazy or nervous kids
I’m sure there are more I’ll think of that are necessary for a stocked first aid kit.
Actually, aspirin might not be a bad thing to add, though we already have that in the ordinary place.


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