detox diet

I am thinking of doing a detox diet next week which is something I haven’t done for at least 7 years, prior to children sharing my body. I have tried a couple of times since giving birth, to be honest, but it is ridiculously hard to feed children 3 meals and oodles of snacks all day and not cave in to a yogurt cup or nut thin cracker. Maybe the trick is to find a less rigorous detox because the only two I have followed before are pretty demanding. They are, if I remember correctly in my toxin-inundated brain, the following: One is to drink nothing but veggie juice all day until around 4: when you eat an early dinner of as much brown rice and steamed veggies as you possibly can. You can season this meal in any way, as long as there is no fat. The veggie juices should be freshly made, but in a pinch store bought veggie juice is OK, but no fruit is allowed. You do this for 6 days and really, I’ve never felt better than when doing this, though part of that is the fact I wasn’t taking in any of my allergen foods. The other one is to eat brown rice and  mung beans cooked with ghee, turmeric, coriander, and cumin, and nothing else, for several days. This is actually easier to stick to b/c you can eat actual food all day, but then you get sick of the meal pretty darn quickly. The thing is, lately I’ve been feeling like I need detox to really enjoy food again~ everything I make tastes kind of lackluster and I constantly have that hungry-but-nothing-sounds-good feeling. But both the boys are off for two weeks so that means even more feeding them than normal, so maybe I should wait for the new year…Well, I have until tomorrow to decide I guess.


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