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Herbal Hair Dye

Thinking of switching to natural hair coloring? Here are some pros and cons and how-to: Advertisements

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Vanilla Extract DIY

It’s so easy to make your own vanilla extract. Here’s the link to the recipe. How to Make Vanilla Extract

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Natural Supplements for Osteoarthritis

Ease joint pain with herbs, enzymes, and natural supplements. Here’s the link:¬†

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The Art and Craft of Herbalism

Making herbal concoctions for medicinal purposes used to be a part of the daily lives of our ancestors, and is still very much a part of people’s lives around the world today. My latest course shows how easy it is … Continue reading

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Herbs are Effective

Some things to think about it you or someone else is questioning the effectiveness of herbs Continue reading

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Adaptogens Mini-Course

To be considered an adaptogen an herb must have the quality of not causing harm. Adaptogens are said to have plant intelligence in the way they support what each individual needs. To learn more about this quality, click the play … Continue reading

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Gum Recession

Fight gum recession naturally Continue reading

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