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DIY Mother’s Day Gift

Here are a couple of easy ideas for giving your mom (or partner) a special homemade gift she will actually use. Advertisements

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Bay Rum Aftershave DIY

It’s not too soon to start thinking about a Father’s Day DIY gift, and this Bay Rum aftershave is my new favorite thing to make. You can even just stop after making the Bay Rum and gift it as a … Continue reading

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Herbs and Supplements for Students

Students have special requirements whether they are in middle school or working on their PhD. Herbs and other supplements can help with optimal brain functioning and also with the stress of schoolwork. Read more on how to help them in … Continue reading

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Probiotics and 365

For something┬áthat lives in our gut, our intestinal bacteria are sure getting a lot of time on stage lately. It’s their time to shine I guess, now that the anti-bacterial obsession has begun to wane (thank you science) and awareness … Continue reading

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Cultural Norms

That two word phrase keeps popping up in my mind now that the first week of school is underway, because schools are such a great place to view a community’s cultural norms. The first thing that is blatantly apparent is … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day 2015

The boys were excited to plant vegetables and herbs in the garden for Earth Day. I hope they are just as excited to eat them this summer. My older one will be for sure. If you are wondering which one … Continue reading

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January Resolutions

It’s January and I’ve not been writing or cooking much, mostly because we got a┬ádog and I seem to spending all my spare time walking her. She is a working breed (why did we get a working breed?! We are … Continue reading

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