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Urban Herbalism

It is so fun to walk around town or on the trails and see the wild herbs growing. These little beauties are Burdock. At least I’m about 95% sure they are Burdock…it’s been over 15 years since I harvested that … Continue reading

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Climate Change

This is an article from KUOW’s page dedicated to climate change information. In case you were wondering what the U.N. thinks about the “possibility” of global climate change, its effects on humans and humans’ effects on it, here’s a recap … Continue reading

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Schools a Healthy Place?

I had a strange experience last week when I went to my youngest son’s music class presentation. It was beyond cute of course, with all the second graders sounding angelic although I know they are often quite a devilish group … Continue reading

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Food vs. Food-like Items and GMOs

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot with this whole food intolerance thing. There are so many alternatives out there, but I only want things going in the bodies of my children and myself that are actual food, … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day

I love this time of year when the plum tree outside our bedroom window blooms. In the summer when we sleep with the window open I often am awoken by rustling in that very tree, and when I peer out … Continue reading

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Trash Talk

News from an eco-conscious country: Sweden has apparently gotten so good at recycling and reusing that they are forced to import trash from other countries to fuel their trash-burning energy plants. Here is a link to the story. Come on … Continue reading

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Environmental buildings

I heard this story on NPR yesterday about a Seattle elementary school that is one of the first buildings to be built as a “living building’ in the Northwest. It will be the first elementary school in the country with the … Continue reading

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