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Comfort Food

Today….there is not enough chocolate.

The sun still rose, but it shone on a country that has disappointed me to the core.


I am not a political person, and I don’t care to write a political blog, but I am a person with a big heart for humans, animals, and the earth, and that heart is very, very broken today.

Tonight, I’m breaking out the boxed mac n cheese. The deluxe version. deluxe-rice-pasta-extra-cheesy-cheddar-sauce

I actually add more (jovial) noodles to Annie’s boxes b/c the cheese is more than enough for the eager mouths here. I’m roasting broccoli and serving smoked salmon too, just because comfort doesn’t have to mean lack of healthy options. We can have balance. We can have balance. And wine of course.

And dessert all around, because I swear, just like in Harry Potter books, chocolate really does make one feel better.



The Dreaming Tree

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Dave Matthews made wine? It does seem like a natural extension of his ways, with a voice like liquid and poetic lyrics layered in rich flavors and mystery, accompanied by music that opens up slowly to you, piece by piece, just as you start to understand all the meaning in a song you realize how complex the melody is underneath it all…

Well, wonder no more. Dave Matthews is a partner in a wine venture, and I just happened to stumble upon it when at the beverage store stocking up for my book club. Of course I had to try it. The wine company is called The Dreaming Tree and I bought Crush, a red blend because that’s the one I happened to find. (Thank goodness it was red!)

The Dreaming Tree Crush

I love the label and really love the cork:


Beautiful line work.. The other side says:

“Standing here

The old man said to me

Long before these crowded streets

Here stood the Dreaming Tree”

I just wanted to share since this took me by surprise and it is a nice wine. It didn’t blow me away, but it was an easy drinking wine, smooth, with complexity underneath the smoothness just like you would expect from something with Dave Matthews’ name on it.