Cleanse Tip

So, if you happen to be cleansing for several days my biggest piece of advice is to avoid the back half of Sunset magazine, or any magazine with amazing pictures of delicious food and their riveting accompanying recipes. They might not be riveting on a regular day, but trust me, after a few days of cleansing the recipes and pictures will absolutely undo you. At least they did me. I had to put down the magazine and eat these salad wraps that my husband had gotten at Whole Foods for me not knowing they weren’t part of the official cleanse. After that I pretty much started eating normally again, although I definitely got some great benefits from cleansing~ my skin looks clear and best of all food is interesting and exciting again. I am inspired to make all kinds of wraps; rice paper ones, lettuce ones, and corn tortilla ones. It just sounds right for summer. No wonder summer rolls are called such. Now we are into our summer pattern of boys’ swim lesson, picnic with friends, then either play at park or swim again, so it is a good time to work on some good picnic wraps. Of course it’s somewhat complicated by the fact that my older one can’t eat corn, I can’t eat wheat, and my younger one doesn’t like anything that doesn’t come out of a purple Annie’s box unless it is pizza. Sigh. Well, we’ll just have to experiment.


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