Corn Tortilla Wrap with Mediterranean Flair

For our picnic lunch yesterday I made a wrap that reminded me of the Greek hummus veggie pita sandwiches I used to love. It was simple~ hummus on a corn tortilla with lettuce, tomato chunks and cucumber sticks. I wanted to add tzakiki sauce on top but was afraid it would be too runny for a packed meal. It hit the spot at lunchtime, especially with the cucumbers cut into long thick strips instead of thin circles~ it gave my teeth something to sink in to. Later for dinner I steamed broccoli and squares of extra firm tofu with a little soy sauce and balsamic vinegar for about 3 or 4 minutes. I warmed a tortilla for my oldest son and put the broccoli and tofu in the wrap with garlic sauce. (I ate mine on brown rice because there was some leftover in the fridge, although I love the wrap version my son ate.) He liked it although I was hoping for a more passionate response such as when he discovered the joy of artichokes and garlic sauce. At least I know I can get just about any green into him with enough garlic sauce!


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