Baking in July

There’s been a lot of grumbling about the weather around here. I know there is a big heat wave in most of the country, but here in the Seattle area it’s been cooler than usual, rainier than usual, and definitely not what July normally is here. Most Seattle-ites will tell you that July and August or gorgeous, sunny and warm without the humidity most of the states deal with in the summer. People move here from all over after visiting Seattle in the summer, at least that is the old version of the story. The updated version of that story is that people move here from all over for Microsoft. Either way, the newbies must be having a hard time right about now. This drizzly day has me thinking, in the kitchen, which has led me to baking, something I haven’t done since the colder winter months, and I must admit I’m glad it’s not ‘baking’ outside with 90 degree heat because I’d never turn on the oven in that case. The other day I bought beautiful, voluptuous blackberries at Whole Foods. My oldest son used to adore picking blackberries in late summer and eating them off the prickly vines. Unfortunately, the berries in the clear plastic container just did not have the same allure. This got me thinking of blackberry biscuits, cobblers, crepes and such. So, I readied the gf biscuit dough (ala the Flying Apron cookbook) and it is chilling in the fridge. That only calls for a cup of berries though and I’m anxious to make something else, so I’m looking for a regular ol’ wheat flour kind of recipe for my husband to enjoy. Maybe the coffee cake from the Horn on the Moon cookbook. Then maybe tomorrow the weather could change…?


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