Raw foods

For some reason I’m very drawn to the raw foods movement. Actually, maybe it isn’t so surprising considering most things in the raw diet are gluten free and vegetarian, but every time I think about trying it, I manage to talk myself out of it by asking, “why eliminate even more things from your diet and make eating even more challenging? Just add more salads into your life.” It just sounds so good for one’s body to eat almost all fresh food with enzymes in tact and such, and I think it is an all or nothing kind of thing. I’m sure the more fresh foods one eats, the better, but to get the full benefits it seems you would have to be at least 75% raw. I just read The World Goes Raw by Lisa Mann and most of the food not only sounds delicious, it is also mostly gluten free. There are some wheat berries used in some recipes, but it looks easy to replace them with quinoa. I really think I need to try this for a good month, at least, maybe even 3 months, and see how hard it is to eat totally raw while still cooking for picky boys and a not-at-all-raw hubby. I just don’t know if I can do it without a dehydrator, and I also think I would have to add beans into the diet, not just bean sprouts. I love beans and I read somewhere else that the longest living cultures (as in the cultures where people live the longest in a healthy state) eat a lot of beans. The recipes in The World Goes Raw rely heavily on nuts, and I think that would just get old. I don’t know, maybe next summer after I do more research into the diet because there is just quite a lot that I still have questions about, such as; can you drink tea if you make it without heat? (Like sun tea.) Is coffee just out of the question? What about wine? And that’s just the beverages!  Hm.


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