Home Cleanse Home

We had a whirlwind vacation visiting my family back in Louisville. The boys did a lot of swimming and a lot of reconnecting with cousins. By the time I got home I was so run down from the trip, especially the flight home which ended up being a disaster, that I decided to cleanse a bit. I only know two different cleanses so I decided to combine them. I juiced in the morning, then had Knudsen’s veggie juice around lunch time and a lot of brown rice and steamed veggies for an early dinner. That only lasted a couple of days b/c I made the mistake of exercising while cleansing, which made me extremely hungry and unsteady feeling. So I added in the other cleanse recipe I know which is brown rice and mung beans prepared with curry. The combination turned out to be a nice mix, but I started to feel a bit ill~ tired and headache-y with my eyes especially feeling the worst. Strange. I’m already looking forward to September. I miss the routine of school.


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