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Quick Mexican Meal (GF and Vegan)

This combination has been building in my mind all week~ several cravings colliding into one corn tortilla. I’ve just been waiting for the perfect meal in which to make it where my husband could be my non-gluten intolerant, non-vegetarian guinea pig. It finally happened yesterday. We went for a long drive in the country which was something we often did on the weekends before kids. It used to be a time of daydreaming about a simpler life, finding funky art galleries and indulging in extra espresso. Yesterday had a different goal and feel all together~ we were on a rock hunt. In order to fix up our yard a bit we need rocks to terrace and ground the place so we went to a couple of quarries to price out rocks and get an idea of what exactly we want. I never knew so many options existed! I also forgot how long these drives can last when my husband is behind the wheel with a project in mind, so I did not fully prepare the car with sufficient distractions for the boys in the backseat. Their book on CD was scratched so they couldn’t finish Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which left them both silly and disappointed at the same time. The kids’ cds in the car drive my husband loopy so the radio stayed on a neutral rock station. I didn’t bring their leapsters b/c I didn’t think we’d need them. We did. The boys did all the silly stuff brothers do in the back of station wagons on car trips~ and they did it all in about a 2 hour period~ loud screams, naughty jokes, fighting over space, trying to make each other laugh with goofy eye pulling faces, and more loud screams. I reached for my Kava blend~ forgotten. Both my husband and I had frazzled nerves by the time we were home. He was more in his head, calculating costs and time and logistics. My own head was stuck somewhere in the middle of the backseat being batted around by the loud goofiness that seemed to just get louder with every reminder to use ‘inside voices’. So, by the time we got home it was time for a good meal and I had to shake off my frazzles and focus on food, which is always a good way to calm down. I already knew exactly what I was going to make. Here’s the recipe: I warmed two corn tortillas in a dry pan, then picked them up and spread refried beans I’d previously made with Tabasco sauce stirred in on the warm sides, then warmed the other (dry) sides of the torts. Next I added greens from a bag of mixed salad greens, plus a lot of fresh cilantro leaves. On top of the greens I placed two think slices of avocado each, then topped them with pico de gallo salsa (from Whole Foods.) They were delicious, both to me and my lovely guinea pig. The kids had eaten during the whole car ride so they didn’t try it, but I’ll be making these again very soon so they will have their chance.


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