Corn tortillas with gluten…why?!

While perusing the tortillas section at Whole Foods the other day I almost bought some corn tortillas that I had never noticed before. Just because it is such a habit, I read the ingredients and lo and behold wheat was listed. Why?! This really bothers me on several levels. One, there’s just no need to add wheat to corn tortillas~ there’s a reason they are called ‘corn’ tortillas. For another thing, it just panders to the wheat-saturated appetites that are bombarded with it in every single little thing. The biggest thing for me though was, does that mean corn tortillas cannot be trusted at say, a Mexican restaurant? That just sucks, quite frankly. There are very few carb-type things gluten intolerants can safely count on while out and about, and corn tortillas (I thought!) was one of them. Now I’m going to have to add to my annoying customer list of questions which is already quite long, “are these purely corn tortillas or is there wheat in them?” which just sounds bitchy, really, but now I won’t be sure. I mean if Whole Foods has the two flours mixed, then it is probably pretty common.


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