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How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

My friend showed me how making wool dryer balls to replace fabric softener is not only environmentally friendly, but budget friendly too! https://botanicalalchemyandapothecary.com/cleaner-and-greener-laundry Advertisements

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Technology and Privacy

We all experience it. The jolt when FB pops up with an ad that happens to correspond with something you have had on your mind. Or you go to a new website and the ads are all of your favorite … Continue reading

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Schools and STEM

If you have a child in school these days then you surely have heard of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math.) It’s the big thing right now~ there are STEM schools,  STEM measurements, and people compare the STEM-ness of schools … Continue reading

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Climate Change

This is an article from KUOW’s page dedicated to climate change information. In case you were wondering what the U.N. thinks about the “possibility” of global climate change, its effects on humans and humans’ effects on it, here’s a recap … Continue reading

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Trash Talk

News from an eco-conscious country: Sweden has apparently gotten so good at recycling and reusing that they are forced to import trash from other countries to fuel their trash-burning energy plants. Here is a link to the story. Come on … Continue reading

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