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Starting a Sourdough Starter

Combining sourdough and einkorn flour makes for the most easily digested wheat bread available, even for some who are gluten intolerant. (Not celiacs though of course.) Here’s the beginnings of my sourdough starter at home and how you can make your own:



7 thoughts on “Starting a Sourdough Starter

    1. Oh I’m surprised you haven’t~ I thought it must be more popular in Europe than here b/c it is grown in Italy, but I guess not! Check out Jovial Foods’ website~ she explains it best, but it’s an ancient form of wheat with weaker gluten (and therefore fell out of favor with bakers) but some gluten sensitive people can digest it (like spelt.)

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  1. I’ve just found the translation of eimkorn into French: it’s petit épeautre (little spelt). I used to use it – it’s my all-time favourite flour. I have recipes using it on my blog. It does have less gluten than even spelt. I may give it another try to see if I can tolerate it. It’s so fine!

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