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Cilantro with a side of lunch

Not everyone loves cilantro. Apparently the herb shares some chemical components with soap, and when people declare they hate cilantro it usually is because it tastes “soapy”. The traditional wisdom says that those who grow up in a culture eating the stuff like it, for those who don’t it tastes like soap, but that just doesn’t ring true in our house. I definitely did not grow up eating the stuff, but I love cilantro with a passion, and my son who eats just about anything and everything could indeed grow up eating it, but he just can’t stand it. Maybe if you have a latent Pica gene you automatically are drawn to it, though honestly I don’t taste soapiness when I eat cilantro. It is so delightful in my mouth it feels like all is right in the world for at least thirty seconds, then it’s time for another bite. Here’s how we’ve been indulging in the herb lately, (I was reminded of this combo when our friends made black bean tacos for us on Cinco De Mayo) though if you are one of the haters, lettuce works, but it will be much less flavorful. For my husband I use flour tortillas, corn for myself, warmed up in a pan on the stove. Next is a bed of cilantro (or lettuce) and I put enough down to look like a real bed of greens, not just a bit of flavoring, but suit yourself. Then the black beans which have been previously prepared (I make mine with a bay leaf, garlic, and cumin) then sliced avocado, topped off with pico de gallo salsa. (I use pre-made Whole Foods brand because I can’t imagine making it any tastier myself). It is a simple combination, but really good and healthy too.
Speaking of soap, it seems people are starting to think about what they use on their body day in and day out for years, such as soap, lotion, cosmetics, creams, serums, hair products, etc. There is a new book about the scary chemicals in bath and beauty products called No More Dirty Looks and I heard the authors speak on KUOW.ORG and so can you, just click here. Basically, it is a hugely unregulated industry with questionable ingredients that might not be found in large doses, but instead in small doses in everything you use, daily, for decades. Locally, PCC Markets have taken a look at their products and decided not to carry any companies with certain ingredients. Read which companies they trust, and which they don’t here. They admit to the fact that the healthier, cleaner brands are more expensive, but that is no surprise. The authors of the above book, Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, point out that if you look at the ingredients of most body care, you find a lot of fillers, such as water, with a bit of active ingredients. With all-natural ingredients you get a lot more of the active ingredients, and therefore really need to use less product. It is worth looking at the products you use all the time, and seeing if anything can be replaced by something natural and healthier and most likely with results you’ll like better.


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