Garlic Jims GF Pizza and More

The other night my husband and I went out with another couple to a local brewery called Black Raven where we ordered a gluten free pizza to be delivered there. As a side note, as far as I know Black Raven does not have any gluten free beers, but you can order wine there, which I did. The fact you can order pizza and have it sent to the brewery is just brilliant, and the fact Garlic Jims has a delicious gluten free crust is even more brilliant. We got the gourmet garlic and all agreed it was excellent. And here’s the kicker, at PCC this week I saw the very same pizza in the gluten free freezer! I am so excited about this! If it is half as good as the fresh version, I’ll be thrilled. The only bad thing was that after eating that night my husband’s tummy hurt, which caused us to wonder if it is possible to be gluten-free intolerant…? That’s just a joke, but really I hope that experience doesn’t cloud his future gf experiences b/c I’m sure it had more to do with the combinations of foods and drinks than one thing in particular. The couple we went with are not gluten intolerant by the way, but they do try to eat variety instead of always depending on wheat for bread type items. I think that is great~ different grains means different vitamins and minerals and such. I’ve started adding more flours in my own baked goods in an effort to boost protein and keep calories down. Plus you can give yourself a food sensitivity just by eating something all the time, which is probably why I can’t eat gluten now~ had my quota + in younger years. Which reminds me, I’ve been wondering, again, if I should put my youngest on a gluten free diet for a week. This is a more daunting task than putting a regular 6 year old on a allergy-test diet b/c he only eats a few things and most of them are made of wheat. I’ve already started substituting some items, for example giving him Pirate’s Booty and apples at snack time instead of cheesy crackers and apples. (He could live on cheesy crackers. That would be his desert island food, for sure, but he hasn’t said anything about the switch. Yet.) I have also tried making new substitute items, such as gluten free vanilla scones, like the ones at Starbucks which he adores. I also made them vegan, so in order to try this daring feet, I got out my Flying Apron cookbook and Ree’s petite vanilla scone recipe and put on my thinking cap. To be honest, they turned out only so-so, and although my oldest loves them, my target audience, Mr.Picky, does not. I’m going to try again though and hopefully I’ll get it right at some point and then post a recipe. Until then I’ll just say I followed Ree’s example with the vanilla beans, and followed the basic measurements of dry goods to wet goods from a Flying Apron recipe. The results were more iced cookie than iced scone though, except not as sweet as a cookie.  The density was off. I think next time I’ll scale back the oil, or maybe not even force the vegan part~ making scones are what butter was invented for, right? We’ll see.


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