The other day I was at the park with my oldest when we got separated. (That means he was on his bike going as fast as humanly possible while I tried to catch up on foot.) When we reunited, he said he had gotten confused because he had thought “that boy” was me. I thought, “that boy must have some long crazy hair!” but when he pointed out the kid his head was nearly shaved, about 10 or 11 years old and Latino. Does that sound like me?

But I guess we all make mistakes. So hopefully I will be forgiven for something that happened on the way home from school today. My kids love listening to books on CD in the car and I love the fact they are quiet as mice when they do so, so I am constantly getting them from the library. The pickings are getting slim though so right now we are listening to something just on the edge of appropriate for a 6 and 8 year old~ Judy Blume’s Super Fudge. The main character is a 6th grader and a complete whiner, so I haven’t been thrilled with it already, but today there was a huge discussion about the validity of Santa Claus. Yikes! The boys were quiet, but then the questions came a minute or two after we were inside. Strangely, my younger one is far more dubious about the whole Santa/tooth fairy/Easter bunny thing. He has already mentioned that he thinks I’m the tooth fairy, probably b/c every time they loose teeth the tooth fairy doesn’t come until after breakfast~ after they have awoken to the disappointment of no money. “Oh, she’s late again! Must have been a busy night,” I’ll say and shuffle them off to breakfast while I run around the house looking for coins or dollar bills. Anyway, my older one insists he heard Santa’s bells one night so he keeps answering the question that my younger one is asking me this afternoon, “Is Santa real?” So here’s a word of warning~ don’t listen to or read Super Fudge until the kids are firmly post-Santa.

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