Detox Diet Week 2

The detox is going pretty well although I craved beans all last week and really wondered why we could eat nuts and seeds but not beans. Yesterday, which should have been our last day following week one’s guidelines my husband and I made a joint decision to ‘cheat’ and have an Indian meal of rice and dal. It was, as you might expect, the best rice and dal either of us have ever had. But, to be honest I did feel kind of off’ last night and wondered if there was gluten in the restaurant food…? I was fatigued, head-achey and cold, all my classic wheat symptoms. I don’t remember that ever occurring before with that food, so maybe it is a reaction to restaurant food vs. the very clean, known food I’d eaten all week. Whatever the reason, I feel better today and more motivated to stick with the detox plan after having a little cheat meal. For lunch this week I made the red lentil soup recipe which looks excellent. Since I already ate some beans yesterday, and today in the form of roasted chick peas, I ate the last of the butternut squash soup for lunch and it, like any soup, tasted much better every day from its creation. As for the results of week one, the most visible bodily result has been our skin. We both can tell a difference in the quality of our skin (for the better) and I’m sure it has a lot to do with all the olive oil, nuts and seeds we’ve been eating. We both seem to have lost a little weight, though we don’t have a scale so I can’t be sure. Nothing dramatic, probably more water weight than anything b/c we aren’t taking in allergens or processed food. For me, I have definitely been more mindful about what I crave and when, and also how what I eat makes me feel. (For the record, butternut squash soup makes me feel warm and wonderful.) This detox has also made me realize how often I snack all day instead of making real, healthy meals. In the future I am going to try to plan out the week’s meals, think about ingredients, and try to make things ahead of time as I’ve been doing on this cleansing plan. That should also help with my constant need to go to the grocery for just a handful of items practically every day. So, only two more weeks to go…


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