Gluten Free in Kirkland

I just became aware of an Italian restaurant in Kirkland that is very aware of gluten ingredients and has brown rice pasta that can be substituted in any pasta dish! The name of the place is Lucia and I haven’t been there yet, but as soon as possible I’ll be trying it out. As much as love Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern food, among other genres, Italian is the one food nationality that I could eat every day, which might seem like a sad fact for a gluten intolerant person, but actually, as Lucia obviously knows, gluten free pasta is pretty good. And so is gluten free pizza crust. And the rest of the ingredients are usually fresh veggies or sauces from straightforward once in the ground real foods, like garlic, basil, and tomatoes. There’s risotto and cannellini beans and pine nuts~ oh my! and so much more. Even in Italy (I’ve not been…yet) they are widely aware of gluten intolerance and there are websites that list restaurants that cater to the gluten impaired with plenty of choices (according to Rick Steves’ office that knows everything about these things.) Anyway, that’s my happy news for the week~ despite snowmaggeden as the clever media has been calling this snow/ice craziness that has kept us inside for days~ once the great Northwest thaws, there will be Italian food waiting.


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