Detox for the New Year

January~ the time for renewal, resolutions, and reinvigorating the body. I was actually fairly lame about the whole New Year’s resolutions thing this year, more just thrilled that 2012 was going to be a dragon year than really thinking about changing anything. Then I happened to look at Whole Living’s website and got sucked into their detox. The recipes looked so good, and it seemed like such a beneficial idea, that I talked my husband into doing it too. We are on day 2, and so far the recipes have been delicious. The butternut squash soup was quite a good lunch, and snack of toasted nuts/seeds/ and dried fruit is better than any trail mix I’ve bought from a store. But dinner was absolutely awesome~ it was roasted cauliflower and red peppers with toasted almonds and parsley on top. Both my husband and I were more than pleasantly surprised by how good it was and agreed it should just become a regular meal in our lives. The one thing we cannot do for the detox is give up coffee. We both tried on day 1, but after I caved in the early afternoon my husband felt he could too. If I am ever going to give up caffeine it will have to be someplace where I have no responsibilities b/c functioning without it is just not possible. I figure as long as we are eating healthy foods all week that is better for our bodies than not doing anything at all.


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