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Gluten Free in Lego Land California

Traveling with food allergies is never done without a whole lot of thought. I get nervous when I travel that I will accidentally eat gluten in something, or that I won’t be able to find anything to eat when I am really hungry. To ease my nervousness I brought quite a few gluten free bars, both Kind bars and NuGo Free ones. It turned out to be fairly easy to find gluten free foods at the park though. When we first got there on the first day we went directly to the closest eating area serving coffee, and while we were in line I looked around at the gf options~ there were pre-made salads, yogurt, and smoothies in the refrigerated areas. Sitting out in the open there were dedicated gluten free baskets carrying snack foods and bars from Nana’s and Think Thin, as well as Sahale nut mixes. When it was lunch time I went into the Garden Restaurant and asked if their soup was gluten free, which turned into a game of telephone, ending up at the manager who got out a big book and walked over to show me that it was not listed as gf because of possible cross-contamination. The tuna was the only option that was listed as gf, without the bread, but he showed me that the pizza place and hamburger place had gf options. I ended up getting the tuna on lettuce instead of bread, which took a very long time and an awful lot of discussion, but when it finally came it was indeed gluten free, and enough to feed three hungry loggers. The next day I looked at the hamburger and pizza place menus to see if the had gf bread or crusts, but did not see anything listed, so I think the gf options must mean fries and salads. I got a premade salad for lunch the next day from the same Garden restaurant as before, and without dressing, it was safe from contamination. There were also popcorn stands around the park, so, in short, celiacs and the like won’t starve at Lego Land, especially if you eat meat b/c I’m sure they can put a hamburger or turkey on lettuce too. As for San Diego itself, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Coyote Cafe for our Thanksgiving dinner (Feliz Thanksgiving!) and they had a small, separate menu of gluten free food. I ordered the fish tacos, which were mediocre, but that was because I didn’t like the fish and there was no cilantro to be found anywhere. Everyone else seemed to really like the food though, so I would definitely try the place again if we are ever in San Diego again. Everywhere else we ate I was able to find salads that were gluten free. It was actually fairly easy~ even the Alaskan Airline flights had gluten free vegan options, which I didn’t try but was grateful for all the same.


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