Baby Carrots

This is just a short little discovery that has had me giddy of late. Normally my kids will eat baby carrots with a bit of an eye roll or, from my younger one, all out fury, but lately I’ve been putting them in a small bowl on the coffee table while they watch a movie or music or whatever, and they gobble them down. Seriously, they jump on the bowl as if it held buttery popcorn or chocolate kisses, every single time. Part of it has to be the fact I just put out one bowl~ it gets their competitive streaks going and my husband and I find ourselves saying, “just take one at a time.” I normally have to refill the bowl at least once. Maybe I should set out broccoli next…


About kristenannmoore

Gluten free, mainly vegetarian herbalist living in beautiful Western Washington, but love to travel. My two boys have various other food intolerances including gluten, so I think and write about food quite a bit. Author of the children's book, The Knight Owl, which has it's own blog:
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