slow food

Cook club

There’s been this idea rolling around in my head for a week or two that I need to flesh out. I have been thinking about starting a ‘cook club’ as opposed to a book club, where people can go to each others’ houses and cook. One person in the group would host at a time, showing the others how to make a dish that is either one of their weekly specials, or maybe a party favorite, or whatnot. Cooking with others is such a great way to spend time with people, and it happens less and less in this frenetic world, as do so many other things. It is one thing to exchange recipes, but to actually cook together…there’s just an intimacy in that. Plus, I for one know my friends routinely make things that I would love to try, such as sushi, or using a slow cooker. While living in Prague I initiated something similar where there was a group of four expats from various countries who always ate dinner together~ almost always out at a restaurant. I suggested that we each be responsible for making a meal once a week, or was it once a month? I don’t remember, but I do remember it worked out quite well four times exactly. After that we had pretty much exhausted our young minds’ recipe repertoire and the ingredients we had to work with were slim, as I have bemoaned before here. For the area in which I live now, it would be a good thing to do for the stay-at-home moms during the day. It would be nice if once a week you knew dinner would be something you already made with a group of friends. A slow foods idea in a fast paced world.


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