gluten free bread

Soup Satisfaction

I don’t know what it is about that lentil soup, but it just works some sort of soothing magic. My seven year old actually cheered enthusiastically when he came home and smelled it. He then ate a big bowl for snack, then another for dinner. All it has in it are veggies and lentils, well, and soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and olive oil plus quite a few herbs, oh, and salt and pepper, but anyway, all healthy stuff, so to hear him enjoy the soup that much is just a dream come true. He used to be the typical picky eater, just as my five year old still is, but these days he wants nothing more than to try all there is out there and give it a fair tasting. And the soup is good. It is called lentil soup but I think the leeks are a main part of what makes it so yummy. Actually all the ingredients are necessary, but I definitely tend to pack it as full as possible with leeks because of their mild deliciousness. The french bread mix actually turned out pretty good~ crustier than I would have ever dreamed and tasty. It was definitely better on the first day, as all crusty breads are, because of the problem of trying to keep them from going stale yet remain crusty, and it is very white. It seems to me there should be a way to get that kind of crustiness and general good texture with using whole grains. That will be my next mission~ to either find a recipe already out there or come up with one on my own.


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