gluten free bread

French lentils + French bread (gluten free)

OK, so I’m a sucker for a multi-word food item that begins with “French” but these two items were not planned together. It is a cool, fall-ish day here, a day that says, “Lentil soup, please” and I am more than happy to comply. It has been five months since I last made lentil soup, which I know because I defrosted lentils last week from the freezer that were labeled “April 2011”. It was too hot though, so I never made the soup and unfortunately threw the defrosted beans away. Today, when I was at Trader Joe’s, without my list, darn it, I noticed how good the potatoes looked and realized it was a perfect day for making soup, so I gathered up the few things I needed and headed home with a happy mission. Unfortunately, in the midst of chopping onions, shallots, garlic, carrots, leeks, and potatoes, I realized the broccoli I had in the fridge was not in good shape anymore. I briefly considered making the soup without broccoli, but the best thing about soup is getting the kids to eat their greens without too much complaining. So, off I went to the belly of the beast: Whole Foods at lunchtime. Not for the faint of heart, but at least I had my list this time. It was there that I saw, on the bottom shelf of the baking aisle, a gluten free French Bread mix from Gluten Free Pantry. I’ve been wanting to try to make a hearty European-style gluten free bread and honestly, this does not look hearty or sound like it will be very crusty, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. It is simple enough, with just one rising involved, that if it fails in any way I won’t be overly traumatized. And if it is good, well then, that will be quite a good find. I’m looking forward to the smell of baking bread and dipping it into lentil soup. I’ll write later how it turns out with pictures if it is photo-worthy.


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