gluten free

Gluten Free "Trend" already waning?

As much as I hate the fact that gluten free eating has been labeled a ‘trend’ I have enjoyed the upsurge in recognition of the diet. I was especially excited to see (on the Internet) a gluten free bakery in the two towns that happen to be where we are staying a few days on our vacation~ Lincoln City, Oregon and Bend, Oregon. The coast of Oregon is pretty small town-ish so I was quite surprised to see a website about a place called Lola’s that was a gluten free bakery, but, unfortunately I could not find it at the address where it was supposed to be, and it certainly was not for lack of trying. Out of business? I don’t know, but I wasn’t too upset because next we were headed to Bend with it’s own gf bakery to peruse. So, when I got to the Bend bakery I was met with an empty lot and a sign that said, “reorganizing…stay tuned.” Something tells me they don’t mean the shelves. So what is going on? Did these bakeries spring up only to not be able to sustain themselves? It’s a shame, but once again it makes me grateful to live in the greater Seattle region with it’s many gluten free options. We did go to a bakery on Newport Ave. in Bend, right next to the Newport Market, for coffee and I saw two gluten free options mixed in with the other regular cupcakes and such, and at Typhoon last night for dinner they were very accommodating and knowledgeable and making things gluten free, so there is definitely an awareness here. It makes me wonder if the ‘trend’ is dying though. Wonder what will be next…


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