gluten free

Build a Sandwich

After my lovely deli experience at the Whole Foods in Redmond, WA I decided to try my luck at the Bend, OR store. This time I did the build a sandwich which meant I could pick from a bunch of options in several categories such as; spreads, meats, cheeses, veggies, etc. What I got (hummus and veggies) doesn’t really matter, what is notable is how different the sandwich was. First of all, in Redmond they used the whole grain Udi’s while in Bend it was the white Udi’s. I actually didn’t see the packaging, but I’m pretty sure on that. Then in Bend the sandwich was just 2 slices, while in Redmond it was 4. They also charged me less than the advertised price in Bend by $2.00 but think that was because I didn’t get any meats or cheeses. It was still a delicious treat to walk up to a deli counter and get a gluten free sandwich, but I was just a little surprised that Whole Foods’ around the Northwest weren’t standardized. I actually think that is actually a good thing~ variety is indeed a fragrant spice!


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