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Good News Redmond!

First of all, Redmond now has it’s very own Flying Apron Cafe! That news alone is awesome. I can’t wait to check it out this week and see what they’ve done differently from their Fremont location. It’s so exciting to know there is a place I can meet friends for coffee and a treat or a whole lunch and be able to choose anything off the menu, or just swing by and pick up a loaf of gluten free whole grain bread, like their quinoa loaf or rosemary bread. Yes, I can make those things in my own kitchen since I have their cookbook, and yes there are other options out there like Udi’s and such, but honestly, all those gluten free store bought brands just taste closer to a white bread than a whole grain bread. That’s why I like Flying Apron, it tastes like real food. It’s the difference b/t buying a loaf of rainbow brand bread and buying a whole grain baguette. And as much as I like baking, breads are trickier, especially gluten free European style breads, so buying them suits me just fine. A couple of other Redmond updates in the natural foods industry is that Seattle Super Supplements finally opened up their huge new store across from Whole Foods. When I worked in the natural industry they were one of my biggest accounts and I can personally attest to how seriously and aggressively they work the bargains. If they don’t have the lowest prices on supps, I seriously don’t know who does. It is surprising to me though that they would open up right across the street from Whole Foods, and not only that, there are at least three other supps shops on that side of the road in Redmond. They seem to be a growing company though so I must assume they know what they are doing.
And speaking of Redmond’s Whole Foods, they are having a gluten free event this weekend. Here are the details from their own website:
Sunday, May 15th
Gluten Free Fair
11-2pm FREE
May is recognized by many groups as Food Allergy awareness month. Join us for some great gluten-free treats and stay for our gluten-free BBQ ($5). Meet a local naturopathic doctor who specializes in holistic health and wellness. No need to RSVP — just come on over!

I’ll be there!


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