gluten free

Gluten Free Mother’s day breakfast

My morning started out in the classic mother’s day fashion~ breakfast in bed. It contained fresh fruit, a scramble egg and an Udi’s blueberry muffin. This was the first time I’ve tried one of Udi’s baked goods besides their bread, (which I like the whole grain one but not so much the white version), although I eat their granola just about every morning. The muffin was light and spongy with a little dusting of sugar crystals on top and definitely was a nice bread-type accompaniment to the breakfast spread, but I wouldn’t buy them for general everyday mornings. I like baked goods with a bit more gravitas to them~ something substantial with maybe some healthy-ness to them. I’m glad I got to try them though and ate the whole thing by snacking on it all morning. (It was a large breakfast!)
Speaking of breakfast foods, my son loves Van’s french toast sticks. They are gluten free, egg free and dairy free which takes care of an awful lot of people. And they are good! I’ve tried them off my son’s plate and they taste like real food. They have that whole grain taste both my son and I crave without being overly filling like a bowl of oatmeal can sometimes feel.  His food sensitivities are much better than they were, but I still feel better starting him off with a breakfast that has none of his trigger points, and lately that means these french toast sticks and fresh strawberries.
Now my husband has taken the boys out to play with their uncle and his dog while I get to have a bit of time to relax. Ahhhh. Of course, being a mom I can’t help but look around and see other things I need to clean, so I better hop to it while I have the chance.


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