Cafe Flora in Seattle

I’ve heard of the legendary vegetarian restaurant, Cafe Flora, ever since moving to the Seattle region, but somehow have never made it there, until this past Saturday. Oh boy have I been missing out. Not only is the restaurant lovely with walls of windows, indoor plants that would make the amazon green with envy, and art that was quirky, the menu is full of gluten free options. And I don’t just mean you can order your salad gluten free, I mean appetizers, salads/soups, and main courses are clearly labeled as gluten free if they indeed are. It took me ages to decide what to get actually since I’m normally limited to maybe two options on a menu that qualify as both gluten free and vegetarian. The variety of options was dizzying, so I think I just have to buy their cookbook and make the many things I didn’t get to try. What I did try was a starter of tofu ‘breaded” with coconut which we then wrapped in lettuce with cilantro and mint and dipped into some kind of vinegar sauce. Yum. Then I ordered a Spring Salad that had asparagus, marinated cucumbers and red peppers, as well as other things including a dressing that was spicier than expected. Very different and delicious. I tried a friend’s yam french fries which were good too. There is also a kids’ menu and a little area for kids to busy themselves while waiting~ very cute, and useful. I’ll have to try it out on my own kids next time~ good excuse to head back.


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