gluten intolerance symptoms

Greying Early

This radio station I was listening to the other day informed me that there is an epidemic of young women greying early, so much so that they have their own acronym: gosts~ greying overly stressed twenty- somethings. Considering my general lack of media interaction, this could very well be old news, but I was fascinated and surprised. I got my first grey hair at the ripe ol’ age of 10. My mother acted as though that was completely normal and immediately called the doctor secretly suspecting some horrible disease where I’d be aging rapidly and sharing wrinkle cream tips with her before my teenage years. The dr. allayed her fears, and actually greying early runs in my family, on my father’s side, so it was just kind of accepted and expected. Now I can look at that phenomena and it seems so obvious that I was B vitamin deficient with my meat aversion and sub-par intestines. I would venture to guess my dad’s side has a long history of gluten intolerance actually, though no one but me has ever been tested, much less diagnosed. It definitely makes me wonder if there is more than stress causing this epidemic of young twenty somethings greying early~ food allergies seem to be around every corner these days. I watched a video about lesser known gluten intolerance symptoms and it is amazing how many different ways it can manifest. No wonder drs have such a hard time diagnosing it! She didn’t mention early greying in her video, but it stands to reason if your intestines are not in optimal condition then you cannot get the necessary nutrients for all the body’s processes, which includes coloring one’s hair. (B vitamins are essential.) We know so much more now about health and nutrition, and yet it seems you really have to research for yourself to get an answer. Leaving it up to the docs just isn’t enough.


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