gluten free

Gluten free english muffins

There are several gluten free english muffin recipes out there that look yummy, but they all also look a bit more labor intensive than I am used to with baked goods, which is a shame because I really miss Rudi’s Spelt english muffins in the mornings with either a hard boiled egg cut up on top, or cream cheese and sliced tomatoes. I decided to try Food For Life’s gf english muffins and have been pleasantly surprised. I bought them out of the freezer section so they went into my freezer and I take one out in the morning to let it defrost. Within about two hours or so it is completely defrosted and separated~ no fork needed. Toasted, they stay together well and have the exact same texture as expected from an english muffin. They are a nice treat, though not as good as the spelt ones, but that might be just me b/c I really loved the taste of spelt. Rudi’s spelt tortillas were another favorite, especially warmed with steamed broccoli and tofu inside and garlic sauce. Just not the same with corn tortillas, but still good.


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