Gluten Free Mexican style

I had a major craving for black beans on Saturday night, but had none in the house, so I ran to the store and ended up getting a whole lot more. On Sunday I cooked up the beans, which had soaked overnight, with cumin until they were almost refried beans texture. While they cooked I made guacamole: 2 avocados, 1 tomato, 1 small onion, 3 cloves of garlic, some lime juice, salt and pepper blended together. It made a lot more than I expected actually, so I’ve been eating it pretty much nonstop since it turns so quickly. After blending all that together I put it in the fridge while making corn tortillas: 1C masa harina with about 1C warm water and 1/8t of baking soda (to give it ‘lift’). After mixing, I rolled the dough into about 3 equal balls, then patted them as flat as I could before putting onto a hot pan. Once in the pan, I tried to flatten them further, but they were still the thickest corn tortillas I have ever had, but good. Next time I’m going to throw some herbs like rosemary and dill in to flavor them a bit though. After cooking on both sides, I took out a tortilla, layered on the beans and guacamole, rolled it up a bit and ate. Bliss! The only thing it was missing was some cilantro. Next time I’ll add that first, then the beans and guacamole. A good thing about this combo is that it could be done a whole lot easier with canned beans, pre-made tortillas and some guac from the store. (I love Whole Foods’ brand) but making everything from scratch was lovely.


About kristenannmoore

Gluten free, mainly vegetarian herbalist living in beautiful Western Washington, but love to travel. My two boys have various other food intolerances including gluten, so I think and write about food quite a bit. Author of the children's book, The Knight Owl, which has it's own blog:
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