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Spring Sickness

Finally, my voice is back, mostly anyway, and I only woke up once last night coughing uncontrollably. Of course I’m still sleeping in a sitting up position in order to get any sleep at all~ it seems like every time I get sick it is worse and worse. Then again my family and I don’t get sick too often so I should consider myself lucky I guess. But now my youngest is starting to cough and next week he is supposed to do a fun lego camp with his brother…I hope he can go! I tried to fight my cold/virus/whatever with Emergen-C and freshly made veggie juice with a lot of ginger, but ended up taking thera-flu at night to get any sleep at all. I gave my youngest a homeopathic remedy today called Similasan that actually worked for the first couple of hours, but not the full 4 it is supposed too. Better than nothing though, except it tastes bad so I have to give him 2 jelly beans afterwards (he’s a tough negotiator.) On a gluten-free note, we went to PCC today and I got a ready-made gluten free sandwich from the deli which is just such a rare treat! Thank goodness for all the vocal gluten intolerants out there. It makes me wonder if other food allergies have such a strong circle of support. I’m going to have to browse the blog-o-sphere to see how many lactose intolerant or peanut allergy blogs and websites there are. I have a feeling the gluten free ones are more abundant. Wonder why…?


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