Gluten free eating

Quick Gluten Free Dinners

This week has been nutty. With after school activities going strong 4 out of 5 days per week, I should really prepare more in the afternoons, but usually it turns into a frantic 5:15 start with a 5:45 goal table time. Luckily this week I had lentil soup in the fridge from this weekend that counted for the veggies. I purposefully put a lot of broccoli in the soup because I end up fishing it out for my youngest son who will not eat the rest of the soup, but understands broccoli is not an option, it is mandatory. My older son will eat a good cup of soup, and this week he’s mostly eaten it with a quesadilla on the side, an orange as a starter and green juice. Some nights he’s just had crackers with his soup, then a Wallaby chocolate on the bottom yogurt (the only way he gets acidophilus.) Last night I managed to make something besides leftovers which was a pretty good quick meal. First I warmed some oil in a pot then added about a quarter on a yellow onion, followed by about half a cup of chopped broccoli. The smaller the pieces, the better. Then I followed the directions of on the box of Lundberg’s Parmesan Risotto which involves adding the rice to the oil for a couple of minutes, then 2.5 cups water with the flavor pack, which is gluten free. It needs to cook about 20 minutes during which time I cut up some smoked salmon to eat alongside the Risotto. Before dinner, they ate some carrot sticks and apple slices as appetizers, so all in all it was a pretty healthy quick meal. I also got a blackbean and corn mixture from the PCC deli yesterday that I plan to add to some lettuce with chopped tomatoes, green onions, and cheddar cheese. I’ll crush some corn chips on top to encourage the boys to eat it and add some more chips along the edge. We’ll see if they ‘bite’.


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