gluten free bread

Quinoa Bread

Last night I made a loaf of quinoa bread following the Flying Apron’s recipe. It is yeast free and surprisingly easy, but I don’t know if I did something wrong or not because it did not rise at all. Yeast free breads that I have made in the past have at least risen a tad, so this was a bit of a shock to me. But, rise or no rise, it is good! As in, really good! It is so nutty and moist it tastes as if it has a little bit of nut butter on it even when it has nothing on it at all. I did substitute the brown rice sweetener with honey because that is what was in my cabinets, so maybe that changed the texture somewhat. It is definitely not a sandwich bread, but it goes well with soups and salads. I think I need to contact the Flying Apron owner/writer, Jennifer Katzinger and see if I did indeed do something wrong, or maybe just drive to Fremont and see what theirs looks like. Fremont is always fun anyway, despite the parking challenges. Maybe that will be our adventure tomorrow.


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