Gluten free Vegetarian Pho

I’ve always loved the cleverness of the names of Pho places around here: What the Pho, Pho King~ pretty witty. I’ve also always wanted to try pho, it just sounds like health and warmth in a bowl, but the innate meatiness of it left me thinking I’d never get a spoonful of it. Ahh, the charm of elusiveness. Then on New Year’s day my sister-in-law casually mentioned she has made a vegetarian version and it is delicious…what?! Why hadn’t I ever thought of that? She also gets a veggie version at a nearby restaurant, but of course did not know if it was gluten free or not. She sent me the recipe the next day because I wasted no time in nagging her for it, and it was full of wheat-things and mushrooms, which my husband really doesn’t like and I’m not a big fan either, so I looked on the web for more ideas and came up with two that looked perfect to combine. I used what I had instead of getting new ingredients, and it turned out delicious~ warming and healthy and different than I had ever tasted. Here are the links to the two recipes I used: and I should have written down exactly how I combined the two, but I did not. What I did do is use the powder form of cloves because I did not have the buds, and it worked our well. It is really an easy broth to make with a lot less cutting than normal, so I’ll definitely keep experimenting with it and when I have a winning recipe, share it here.


About kristenannmoore

Gluten free, mainly vegetarian herbalist living in beautiful Western Washington, but love to travel. My two boys have various other food intolerances including gluten, so I think and write about food quite a bit. Author of the children's book, The Knight Owl, which has it's own blog:
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