Gluten free eating · gluten intolerance

Have yourself a Gluten-ous Christmas

Between going over to friends’ houses on Christmas and New Year’s, I managed to eat something or things that had me in that old gluten-fog for days. It depressed me because I realized how difficult traveling will be from now on since that usually involves a lot of eating out. If I can’t even manage a couple of dinners at friends’ homes, how will I manage weeks aways from a kitchen? And then I had to suffer the effects without having even enjoyed indulging on some yummy bread or pasta…it must have been tamari or or something small, which is just plain annoying. Now that I am feeling better and the fog is lifting, I’ve decided to do something about it. If I am ‘merely’ gluten intolerant and not a celiac then I should be able to fix it. I am an herbalist at heart so why not at least try~ right? I know my intestines are not optimal which might be the root of the issue, so that is where I’m going to start this effort. Now, I just need to do a bit of research to figure out the best way to begin~ maybe triphala as a starter and perhaps something to smooth out the lining. My son takes drops that have helped with his sensitivities, I wonder if that works for adults too…?


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