Gluten free eating

Another Gluten-Free option!

Walking around town in Redmond, Washington today I noticed a new sign on a restaurant that I have walked by many times but have never stepped into because it is an Italian restaurant and what any gluten intolerant person well knows, Italian means pasta. But this sign read: Gluten Free Menu available. Yes! I went home and looked it up online and here is the low-down on Sages Restaurant. Apparently one of the co-owners is a celiac and therefore very aware of ingredients and issues~ a definite plus. They don’t seem capable of substituting with gluten free products, like using a corn-quinoa noodle for example, but they modify things such as leaving croutons off the salads and such. Good start. Personally, I don’t know why more Italian restaurants don’t serve risotto. Palino’s used to and it was yummy. Now I still go there and get salads, but it was nice to get something else from a restaurant besides salad occasionally. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers! Sages just might be my birthday dinner pick this year, if only they have a kid menu.


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