Thanksgiving Foods

Not only do I need to think up a menu for Thanksgiving dinner, but my son’s preschool is having a feast where we all bring food to share. What should I bring for a class of preschoolers and their parents to share at 2:15 in the afternoon? It’s a sweet idea and all, but terribly inconvenient considering I can be there all of 25 minutes before leaving to get my other son, then back to the preschool. Hmmmm~ I’m leaning towards carrots and hummus. Naturally gluten free and it’s the kind of food I like at 2:15PM. For Turkey day I want to make butternut squash soup and a quinoa dish. The quinoa is easy~ I toast the dry quinoa in a pot with olive oil for 2-3 minutes, then add the appropriate amount of water (or stock). While the pot works up to a boil I add chopped up onions and garlic. Once boiling, I turn it down and put a lid on it. About 5 minutes later I add the chopped broccoli (and sometimes tofu cubes)so they can steam. At that time I also add black pepper and whatever herbs I have, usually basil and oregano and thyme. When it is finished I add soy sauce. It is good warm and also cold~ straight from the fridge the next day. Nothing like Thanksgiving leftovers!


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