slow food

Balancing Slow Food Mentality with a Fast Paced Life

There is a constant discordance around mealtime here. I long to have sit-down dinners with the whole family eating the same healthy meal. I am enchanted with the slow food movement but cannot seem to get remotely close to practicing it in everyday life. The kids are picky, especially my youngest, my hubby works late and likes different foods than I do, and then there is the whole no meat nor wheat thing that isn’t exactly what everyone else wants, so what normally happens is I make some sort of meal that is tweeked for each member of the family. I hate it. Every once in a while we’ll all sit down together and eat the same meal, namely pasta (though mine is corn or quinoa or rice of course) but those times are rare. Maybe Thanksgiving could be the start of trying to get everyone on the same page, at least once a week for a nice slow meal we all enjoy. We do buy organics and try to get local food as much as possible, but the actual cooking and sitting down part are steeped in frenzy, not enjoyment. I’m seriously going to make more of an effort trying to get the boys to eat some of my kind of food. It’d be healthy for them anyway. I need some good ideas. They are tough customers.


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