Herbal teas

Lately I’ve been obsessed with yogi teas. Particularly the detox tea, and not because I feel a special need to detox my liver and kidneys, it is just delicious! It is so warm and flavorful that I usually end up drinking two cups at night, and then regretting it at about 2:am when my kidneys are indeed detoxing. Today I decided to buy some new herbal tea that worked towards some issues I need help with though, so I went with Traditional Medicinals’ respitory tea, and ginger aid. I’ve been battling a respitory something or other ever since have the flu mist sprayed up my nose. Hm. The teas are good and the directions are indeed therapuetic, but I miss the taste of yogi. I’ve actually been surprised lately at how many herbs I’m taking after a sort of hiatus from herbs while pregnant and nursing for a total of about 4 years. It is nice to be able to just boil water and get the benefits of a bunch of herbs together in a cup of tea. I have to watch myself or else I’ll become obsessive…but there are worse things to be obsessed over than herbal teas. Right? RIGHT?


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