Gluten free eating

Gluten Free Options Growing

Yesterday my husband and I went to Boom Noodle in Bellevue, where I was happily surprised to see a little G next to certain dishes indicating they can be gluten free. It was so much more enjoyable eating pad thai knowing it was made with wheat free tamari! The food was good too, beyond just the GF-ness. The people next to us, though, were not so enjoyable. We were stuck between a family of loud complainers and another family talking about how rich, powerful, and lovely they are. Seriously! It was odd. About as odd as the time I was in labor with my second son and the nurse told me she was from Canada but had just moved from Texas, so I innocently responded, “Oh, so you are a traveller, eh?” And she said, “How do you know that word, traveller?” I thought she was joking. She wasn’t. She persisted. “Really, how do you know it?” I looked at my husband for help…Doesn’t everyone know that word? Well, every English speaker anyhow. At least it wasn’t the doctor saying crazy things.


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