gluten free bread

Teff Disappointment

The bread I made last night is not so good. Actually the taste isn’t bad, it is dense and hearty, but it actually makes my stomach hurt when I eat it. There is nothing in it that should cause a problem, so it is a mystery to me why~ I guess my system just doesn’t like teff. It seems so much easier to make gf baked goods than a loaf of bread, but I sure miss sandwiches. I’ll have to try again, but for now I’ll stick to my rice crackers.
On a different note, I bought water guns today…this probably sounds hardly noteworthy, but my 6 and 4 year old boys would argue (loudly) otherwise, because up until today I’ve refused them any kind of toy gun. And actually I haven’t given them to the boys yet b/c I still feel strange about it. But here’s my rationale~ my oldest loves guns. He loves them in a superhero/star wars way, not a bad guy way, but I have consistently told him that he can’t play with them…so of course he’s make sticks into guns, kitchen utensils into guns, you name it into guns. Then I noticed that when he went to friends’ houses with toy guns he was thrilled for about 10 minutes, then played with other things. I also noticed that the toy gun time was spent outside, which was the tipping point. To get the kids outside using their imaginations instead of inside playing Wii, I’ll do anything. So, if water guns and bubble guns work, then so be it. We’ll see how it goes…


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