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Oats: a mystery grain

What exactly is the deal with oats? I’ve heard they do not have gluten but do have a protein similar to it. And there are those labels on some oaty products that say ‘gluten free oats”. I’m beginning to think oats that are not labeled gluten free are yet another food to add to my do not eat list…sigh. I made granola the other night with plain old bulk oats and it turned out yummy, but the next day I felt bad. It could possibly have been remnants from the other granola I ate, but I have a feeling it is the granola I made so I am going to give it a few days and eat just a tad again to double check. Although, once I associate feeling bad with a food I really have no inkling to try it again, but I do feel like figuring out the truth. Right now I am baking a gluten free bread from the Flying Apron cookbook and I’m so excited to try it. It is the first bread recipe I’ve tried and it smells delicious. I made biscuits the other day and those tasted especially good and not gf-ish at all. I added a little brown sugar and cinnamon on top of those and it really tasted like biscuits made from scratch that I used to eat growing up in Kentucky. Although, to be honest, I ate far more biscuits from a can than from scratch! It is so fun to bake again. I worked at a bakery one summer while in school and really enjoyed waking up in the early mornings and making delicious foods. There is something so fulfilling about cooking, but baking especially is such an interesting combination of chemistry experiment, homey-smells, sweet treats and comfort foods. Twenty more minutes until I can try this bread…I so hope it turns out well. I am imagining a delicious veggie sandwich for lunch tomorrow which is something I haven’t had in many years. Ah, food.


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