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Evil Granola

Since cutting spelt out of my diet I’ve been feeling really good, both in my head and in my tummy. Then yesterday I ate some granola which seemed innocent enough, until I woke up this morning feeling awful. I recognized that feeling immediately~ as though waking up from a coma that I can’t shake, my whole body felt groggy and my eyes felt glazed over. They even looked gray-ish instead of the clear brightness of a few days ago. Damn that granola. It is somewhat a good thing though, because it reminded me of how I used to feel all the time…it is funny how quickly I forget. It is something that I imagine people without food intolerances must have a hard time understanding because even I so quickly adapt to feeling good as feeling normal. This morning I needed coffee badly, to conquer the lingering sleepy feeling and also in a futile attempt to elevate my mood. When my system is clear of gluten I still drink coffee most mornings, but sometimes I prefer black or green tea. It is interesting to experience the differences so dramatically. It makes it easier to remain diligent and reminds me to make myself some gf granola. Why do they have to add wheat into granola anyway? Because it’s cheap? Probably, actually. They can fluff out the gronala with cheap wheat instead of relying solely on the more expensive oats. Back to the kitchen.


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