gf bread

Teff Again

Since I wanted to know if it was the teff that hurt my tummy or something else in the bread, I decided to make Teff muffins tonight. The recipe I used was right on the Bob’s Red Mill package, although I had to replace the hazelnuts with blueberries b/c I didn’t have any nut-pieces available, and did not feel like crushing whole almonds. At the farmers market today there was a booth of Gluten Free products! I tried the focaccia which was pretty good but I could never use a whole loaf so I bought a coconut bar which was delicious, but very sweet. She said she uses a kitchen in Seattle but doesn’t have a retail outlet yet other than the farmers markets. Maybe I can talk her into setting up shop here! There seems to be a lot of people who eat gluten free around and a little special bakery would be so lovely!


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